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 Amanda Seyfried
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Amanda Seyfriend is one of Hollywood’s biggest up-and comers with a string of box-office hits to her name. She was born in December 3, 1985, making her an intense and fiery Sagittarius, the most adventurous zodiacs. If you take a peek at her filmography, you can easily see Amanda’s adventurousness in the roles that she chooses.

Amanda started her career playing bit roles in soap operas like All my Children and As the World Turns. She scored a box-office hit with Mean Girls in 2004, playing the dumb mean girl Karen. The movie grossed over $129 in its entire theatrical run, and paved the way for Seyfried to get other roles that will expand her mettle as an actress. Like a true Sagittarian, Amanda displays a true courageousness and boldness in her movie roles.

Sagittarians are known to have a good perception and foresight. They are a good judge of character and their instincts usually make the decision for them. After her first foray in movies, Amanda was given a role in HBO’s highly-acclaimed drama series Big Love as a girl struggling with her family’s polygamous faith. She also appeared in ten episodes of Veronica Mars.

Being strong willed and persevering are typical of most Sagittarians, and she was finally given her biggest break as Meryl Streep’s daughter in the film adaptation of the musical Mamma Mia! She even sang and contributed to the film’s soundtrack. This is a true Sagittarian trait, being persevering, hard workers and open minded to new experiences.

In love, Sagittarians are the most expressive, ardent and sincere. They want to be in control of their personal relationships. After her stint in All My Children, Seyfried stated dating co-star Micah Alberti. However, they broke it off eventually and Amanda focused on her movie career. She also briefly dated actor Emile Hirsch after starring with him in Alpha Dog. She was in a relationship with musician Jesse Marchant when she began production for Mamma Mia and met actor Dominic Cooper. After she broke up with Jesse, she began dating Dominic Cooper. Unfortunately, the couple broke it off in May 2010. She has been seen recently with actor Ryan Philippe.

Like a true Sagittarian, Amanda Seyfried continues to be a freedom-loving and expressive actress who’s on her way to becoming part of the A-List.


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