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 Amy Winehouse
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Amy Jade Winehouse Born 14 September 1983 under the Virgo sign, Amy Jade Winehouse is an eclectic English singer-songwriter who shot to fame for her unique music style combined with tabloid-headlining life dramas. Her first album, which combined different musical genres such as soul and jazz, garnered high praises and success in the UK charts. Embodying Virgo’s extremely analytical thinking and creative prowess, she won numerous Grammy awards over the course of her still growing career including Best New Artist and Song of the Year.

Raised by her Jewish parents in the Southgate area of north London, Amy grew up in a musically inclined family. Like her mother, her three siblings loved Jazz music and would often sing around the house. Amy’s love for music was not confined in her household as she was often reprimanded by her teachers for singing loudly during classes. Like all Virgo, Amy had a very clever sense of humor and offbeat personality, which made her the center attraction while gaining notoriety from her teachers.

When Amy was expelled at her school for piercing her nose, she started to pursue a singing career. At 14 years old, she began writing songs and played with several Jazz bands. Although her talents were undeniable, she was often banging heads with her band mates due to her active and very critical mind, which are both natural characteristics of Virgo.

Like his career, Winehouse’s romantic relationships have seen its ups and downs. On May 2007, she married longtime boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil, a high school dropout who moved to London at aged 16. Months later, the couple was photographed by the Paparazzi bloodied and bruised in the streets of London after a fight. Following their public drama, Winehouse admitted that the violence was caused by her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Virgo is linked to emotional detachment. Winehouse obtained her undeserved reputation because she is often emotionally cold and detached from the public’s opinion.

After a drug and violence-filled relationship with Blake, met actor Josh Bowman, whom she described as her new love without the need to take drugs and alcohol. Although Josh was the guy next door type, the relationship did not last long as Amy went back to her old ways. Her Virgo headstrong and erratic traits were too much for him. Although they were already legally separated, Amy publicly said that she wants Blake Fielder-Civil back in her life.


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