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 Angelina Jolie
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Angelina Jolie, is an Academy-Award winning actress who was born on June 4, 1975, making her a Gemini. Her life and career are prolific and have constantly been in magazines and newspapers. Besides her work in Hollywood, she’s also a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, constantly travelling in far-flung places for charitable works, focusing on children. Her love life is very colorful and has been documented by the paparazzi for years. However, like a true Gemini, she has always remained elusive and complex.

Since the age of 14, Jolie has had a serious boyfriend, even to the point of living together in her mother’s home. She exudes the true attitudes of most Geminis, with her flightiness and thriving on danger. However, Geminis are known to be restless; they cannot stick to one idea for a long time. At 16, Jolie compared her relationships to marriage due to emotional intensity, and later on decided to focus on her acting career.

In 1995, while filming Hackers, Jolie got involved with her co-star, Jonny Lee Miller. They divorced in 1999, with Jolie saying that it was because the marriage’s timing was not right and they were simply “too young”. The same intensity they have is coupled with egocentricity, as Geminis want to get their way in any situation. After a much-publicized bisexual relationship with model Jenny Shimizu, Jolie declared in 2003 that she was indeed bisexual and fell in love with Shimizu the moment they met.

In 2000, Jolie married her Pushing Tin co-star Billy Bob Thornton in a Las Vegas ceremony. The couple was notorious for wearing vials of each other’s blood around their necks. Geminis display a true passion in everything they do. In love, they easily become emotionally involved but are careful not to get too sentimental. In 2002, after announcing that they would be adopting a child from Cambodia, the couple split up. Jolie later disclosed that the divorce “surprised her” but she felt that they had “nothing in common”.

In 2005, she was accused of being the “other woman” in the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston split after starring with Brad on the hit “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. Jolie never confirmed or denied the rumors, but later on confessed that “they fell in love on set”. Today, they have three biological children- Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, plus three adopted children- Maddox, Pax Thien and Zahara.


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