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 Anna Kendrick
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Anna Kendrick is one of the most promising talents of Young Hollywood, with several box office hits and even an Oscar nomination to her name. She was born on August 9, making her a Leo. Leos are widely known to be the most creative, dominant and the most extroverted out of all the other zodiacs and Anna especially displays this in her work.

Born in Portland, Anna Kendrick has been acting in stage plays since she was 12. She is the daughter of an accountant and a history teacher. Her first acting job, as Dinah in the Broadway musical High Society earned her a Tony Award nomination, making her the second youngest Tony nominee in history. Her first movie job was in the 2003 musical movie Camp, which also earned her a lot of nominations and awards from various organizations.

Leos display such an affinity for leadership roles and being uncomplicated; they know exactly what they want and go for it. Anna has been one such typical Leo, having been extremely careful with the roles she chose to play.

They have their own brand of ambitiousness and bravado, and arenít afraid to become leaders. Anna has gained a steady career with box office success following the release of the hit Twilight, wherein she plays Jessica Stanley. She continued on with her streak of films which earned her critical praise, like The Marc Pease Experience and Elsewhere, the latter of which is her first starring role.

When she played opposite George Clooney in the hit movie Up in the Air, she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in the Oscars for her portrayal as the neurotic and intelligent Natalie Keener.

While filming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, she started dating director Edgar Wright. Wright is credited as a co-writer in the upcoming film The Adventures of Tintin. In their personal relationships, Leos are genuine, trusting and generous. They often warm hearted towards their paramours but are advised to keep an open heart and an open mind, as they are not good judges of character and often act on their whims. Leos are sometimes demanding because of their ambitious nature, but arenít sure of how to repay the service given to them.


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