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 Antonio Banderas
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Antonio Banderas became a household name with his portrayal of Zorro in the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro. He was born in August 10, 1960, making him a Leo. People born under the Leo sign are most often known by their extreme enthusiasm and creativity. Being born under a fire sign, Banderas has always shown his energy and passion in his talent. He started out as a football player until he broke his foot at the age of 14, hindering him from playing.

Leos are born leaders and most of the time, they attract strong personalities. Banderas was married to his first wife, Ana Leza, when he first met American actress Melanie Griffith on the set of their movie Too Much. Melanie Griffith was also married at that time. Before even meeting her, Banderas admits to being a fan of her work, having first seen her in her 1986 movie Something Wild. In 1989, he stated in a Spanish magazine that he would love to meet the actress.

Eventually the both of them divorced from their respective partners and got married on May 14, 1996 in a low-key ceremony in London. They have a daughter, Stella, who appeared in the movie Crazy in Alabama which Banderas directed.

Leos are typically forgiving of any faults they see in people they like. Because of their warmhearted nature, they are often too generous and carry no grudge against anyone. One key trait that they have is their optimism, and Leos are true leaders who display such extraordinary charisma and spirit. Banderas has always been a champion of philanthropy, having received the Stella Adler Angel Award with his wife in recognition of their charity work. He is also a devout Catholic, being an officer in a religious brotherhood in the Spanish town of Malaga.

Banderas has shown his creativity in his work, having appeared in several box office and critically successful movies. He has also been versatile, appearing in almost every movie genre. He has proved his mettle in action, comedy, musicals and even drama. With a body of work as impressive as his, evidently he has made a name for himself in Hollywood’s A-List.


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