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 Brendan Fraser
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Brendan Fraser Brendan James Fraser, 42, has shot over 35 films in a span of 20 years. Most famous for his roles as Rick O’ Connell in the three-part “The Mummy” film series and as George in “George in the Jungle”, this Canadian-American film and stage actor, as well as accomplished amateur photographer, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on December 3, 1968 to Canadian parents, Carol – a sales counselor, and Peter, a former journalist. The youngest of 4 brothers, his ancestry includes Irish, Scottish, German, Czech and French Canadian. He speaks French fluently as well and serves on the Board of Directors for FilmAid International.

Fraser is working on his new movie, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” together with Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore. He plays the role of Graham Palmer, side by side Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), who helps Cal Waver (played by Steve Carell) get over his recent divorce with wife Emily. Written by Dan Fogelman and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, this comedy flick is set to hit the big screens on July 29, 2011. He is also set to appear in 2 other movies, “Wrath of the Zombies” and “Whole Lotta Sole”.

Fraser met actress Afton Smith during a barbecue party at Winona Ryder’s house in Los Angeles on July 4, 1993. Five years later, they wed on September 27, 1998 after a year of engagement. Fraser proposed to Smith during a trip to Paris, standing on a bridge overlooking Seine River. His proposal didn’t go the way he planned, yet he was still happy to be engaged with Smith. A popular trait of Sagittarians, he was still optimistic and made humor out of it. They have three sons, namely Griffin, Holden and Leland. The 9-year married couple decided to make their marriage another statistic and announced it in December 2007. A person under the sign of the Archer wants unlimited freedom.

A Sagittarian is known to have a “Peter Pan Syndrome”, which reflects in Frasers’ movies- Airheads, The Mummy series, Looney Tunes: Back in Action and George of the Jungle. Among all zodiac signs, Sagittarians are the nicest. Brendan Fraser has never been caught on scandalous issues that made the tabloids. He has only been noted on these papers twice- first, when he and wife, Afton, announced their divorce, and second, about his movie, The Mummy.

Sagittarians are kind, open hearted souls. They don’t expect anything in return when helping other people. This trait is perfectly seen in Fraser. He supports several charities and foundations, namely, End Hunger Network, Make Poverty History, P.S Arts, and Kids Cancer Connection, Inc.


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