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What do the Baywatch sex symbol Carmen Electra and the colossus of talk-show hosts David Letterman have in common? And why can Jackie Chan the martial arts cultural icon or Maria Sharapova the former number one Russian professional tennis player be mentioned in the same breath? Probably the same reason the raw and talented comedian Eddie Murphy and multitalented film director Quentin Tarantino can be placed in the same mould. The common piece of thread between these celebrities is that none of them will ever write a memoir about themselves due to a lack of substance in their Aries lives.

David Letterman has forged a career exploring the substance of other celebrities through his interviews. But despite his ubiquitous public exposure rarely do we gain deeper insights into his personal life. This is because Aries is happier to be mere spectacle than substance, and any substance he does create is channelled through the numerous guests he has entertained. This hints towards the little to no emotional depth that Arians share.

Carmen Electra, who appeared in several nude pictorials for Playboy and rose to prominence as an actress and television personality, also shares the tale of an Aries pioneer who rose to fame on the back of opportunity. Look deeper and you will be hard-pressed to find a colorful back-story, nor one of heroic deeds or hard work or sacrifices that led to their success. This is because Arians tend to 'fall into' their accomplishments.

Jackie Chan, like all Arians, fights for what he believes in, literally! He rose from obscurity as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon to appear in over one hundred films, and did this through perseverance rather than a master plan. Always in a rush, always with a smile, never one to hold a grudge, and always between one conquest or another, he is as much he is as much a 'now' person as Carmen Electra and David Letterman before him.

As determined and as much the center of attention as Jackie Chan is the leggy Russian bombshell Maria Sharapova whose sexy on-court grunts are more memorable to any red-blooded male than the number of trophies she ever lifted. And this naughty window into her sexual prowess hints of the strong and adventurous Aries sex drive. She is an achiever, a leader by example, but typical of Aries, no lurid back-story, no sex scandals to fill the raunchier sections of Cleo, and no skeletons. Substance and emotional depth is not the prime motivator of Arians.

Eddie Murphy is also someone who fell into their careers, and like many Arians, broadened his career to stave the dreaded Arian boredom that more than often derails their paths to success. He performed stand-up at the same Bay Area Comedy Club as Robin Williams. And like all Arians who tend to seen in black and white, his sketches were often insensitive and full of vulgar indulgence, and you either loved him or hated him. And like David Letterman especially, who rarely has interviews conducted on his private life, Murphy has also avoided all reunions and anniversary specials since his commercial success, probably because there is not much else to mention in his life other than his laurels.

Quentin Tarantino I would like to think is the archetype Arian. Immersed in his hobby as a film director, which made him a household name, he is the born leader who revolutionized how films should be. His movies are sated with gore and spectacle. His portrayals in film are assertive, energetic and honest. Arians need projects to keep them fulfilled, and refuse to settle for a life of sheer boredom. They crave relentless stimulation. Should anyone make a movie about how Quentin Tarantino became Quentin Tarantino, you would probably be likelier to see a documentary on all the films that inspired him, because an Arian life lacks the substance and emotional depth worthy of a book. They like to have fun and keep as active as possible.

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