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You know Playboy bunny Pamela Anderson and singer/celebrity Jessica Simpson have more than blonde hair and ditsy personalities in common but can you nail why? And why do you think ethereal actress Liv Tyler or temperamental celebrity Lindsay Lohan would want the same thing from you behind closed doors? And what traits do you think super celebrity actor Tom Cruise and timeless comedian Bill Cosby share? If you guessed these celebrity stars all crave a cuddle and a shoulder to cry on once in a while then you picked one of the many emotional qualities of Cancer shared amongst all these celebrity stars.

Pamela Anderson is one of the many emotionally driven stars born under Cancer whose spirit must be allowed to flourish. Where she posed for Playboy, to become a star in Baywatch, and an accidental star in her own homemade sex video, she has always been the type who feels like she is needed, who needs to feel safe to express her emotions. Unfortunately, her trust in people has been exposed, and Cancer tends to withdraw from emotionally hurtful people. Like many Cancer however she remains a sentimental dreamer, always with a permanent twinkle in her eye as she takes on the world beyond her own insecurities.

Jessica Simpson is another sentimental Cancer female blessed with good genes. The Newlyweds star entertained us with her soppy Cancer qualities, as someone who lived in a world full of emotions, the epitome of loyalty and devotion, as someone who did not share her feelings well and was very subjective in emotional matters. Her feelings vied for the spotlight. One minute she is Nick's problem solver, and the next minute, like many born under Cancer, she is utterly dependent on your love and the security of your cuddles.

Wild child Lindsay Lohan has the famous Cancer moodiness in the vanguard of her personality. This is one celebrity who does not know how to share her feelings well, and while she has adopted a sense of geniality in order to hide her own sense of inadequacy and insecurity, somewhere down her career path her world of emotions erupted. Cancer are renowned for their wicked sense of fun, and are mischievous at the slightest provocation. If you hurt Cancer emotionally they will probably use their wicked sense of fun to exact revenge. But really, this is all a distraction from what Cancer really seeks, which is just a good cuddle.

Tom Cruise is a Cancer with a permanent twinkle in his eye. From his famous jumping on Oprah's couch to his defense of Scientology, his emotions and insecurities always go hand in hand with his actions. His emotional perception is poignant in many of his movies and probably made you cry. You want to follow him like a puppy because of his dreamy charisma.

Liv Tyler is the epitome of someone whose bosom is always available, and whom behind those eyes harbors a world full of emotions. One look into them will make a man feel like compelled to father a dozen of her children. Such is the potency of Cancer's maternal instincts and their ability to convey this to their partners.

Cosby can see the funny side in any situation. The Cosby Show ruled the NBC lineup due to his distinctive and quirky sense of humor. Bill Cosby with his quiet authority made himself indispensable enough to allow many around him to blossom, which is a Cancer quality to allow people a sanctuary for personal growth. His nurturing arms were wide and open, made us feel warm and doted on.

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