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How do the shaggadelic Mike Myers of Austin Powers and the cult rapper/actor Tupac Shakur relate to each other? And does Kanye West, infamously known for his outbursts and childish tantrums, share a common denominator with Paula Abdul from American Idol? And which traits do you think the dancing queen Kylie Minogue and blockbuster actor Johnny Depp share? If you guessed all these celebrities are glorified big kids then you already nailed one of the requirements a Gemini has, to play games and have fun.

Mike Myers like all typical Gemini's is fun to be around. His youthfulness makes you feel ten years younger. Gemini are not natural comedians like Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock. They are funny by default because of their quirky mannerisms, so slapstick and innuendo works well for them because we all laugh, and to Gemini, laughter is essential in life. Gemini also have a knack to dissemble. Mike Meyers is a prime example of a Gemini celebrity who has made a lifestyle out of the characters he plays.

Johnny Depp is also another in the school of improv actors whose strong Gemini traits of communication and spontaneity work in their favor. Johnny Depp was also voted one of the sexiest men alive, but emotion confuses Gemini because it is an alien principle to them. While you often see Johnny Depp in the company of beautiful women, he is more friend and companion material than the hunks you fantasize about. You can just tell that sex is a chance to explore new dimensions to Gemini as it is to captain Jack Sparrow.

Tupac Shakur is as renowned for his youthful cheek as he is for his lyrical genius. He had the charm of a ten-year-old boy who sets out to get something from their grandmother. And like all Gemini, his teases were a mark of affection. Even if you were his enemy! Tupac is also a good example of a Gemini who lacks emotional stability. To them, words like "I love you" actually mean little and carry too many implications to be said lightly.

Kanye West is the kind of Gemini who if rejected, will become everything you dislike about him. He responds to people who pay attention to him. He becomes obnoxious to show emotional pain. Unlike many Gemini who have two sides, he does not seem too fazed which side of him will be accepted and loved by the object of his affections. He is sexually curious in his lyrics, and interested in flirtation, but not unfaithfulness.

Kylie Minogue displays the cute and wild side of Gemini. Love to them is friendship, and separate from sex. Kylie showed these traits as she became more sexualized in her music and in brief romances like with Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS. Gemini's like her have a bad reputation for commitment because when bored they switch interest rather than lose interest. But the cream on top of her cake will always be a frolic of fun.

Gemini are attracted to people prepared to pursue their dreams and ambitions, which could be how Paula Abdul ended up as a judge on American Idol. Her job involves lots of variety, with lots of people, and lots of communication, a dream combination for any Gemini. Conversation is foreplay to Gemini, so she would have loved the exchanges between the panel and talent. But like all true Gemini, backstage she would have been more sisterly than seductress.

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