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What underpins the successes of Michael Jackson the King of Pop and Beyonce Knowles, the female sensation of pop music, is the same energy that Keanu Reeves delivers as the messianic hero Neo in the sci-fi film The Matrix and its sequels. Sophia Loren, the 20th century sex symbol, Adam Sandler the chief of slapstick movie comedies, and Amy Winehouse, the pop-soul singer with her bruised soul, also exhibit a feisty version of this compulsion for perfectionism common among all Virgos.

Michael Jackson is a fine example of one of the more gifted and talented Virgos. His music transcends all walks of life because he has perfected his gifts and talents and shared them with the world. Entrenched in all Virgos, Jackson also had a strong willingness to help. The evolution of his asexual look is also typical of Virgo. Virgos are also the worrier of the Zodiac, which makes sense that someone fastidious enough to make masterpieces, worries about whether their accomplishments will be acknowledged. Jackson also displayed an extreme case of the health conscious Virgo.

Beyonce Knowles is another gifted Virgo whose flawless music is the product of her dedication to create, and not only hits, but albums which seamlessly from start to finish. She is a creature of the mind. On stage she is her own woman. Behind the scenes she has architected her brand. In person she is a shy, reserved, and painfully kind Virgo. You sense however that deep down, when the curtains fall, in her own private time she would rather watch a video indoors than rage in a nightclub.

Adam Sandler is another of the mould of Virgos who is doer rather than director. He is a boyish romancer in his movies, looks after those he cares about, and encourages friends and strangers alike to improve themselves. Virgo therefore are gracious helpers.

Keanu Reaves is a cerebral brand of Virgo. Often these inexpressive types have personalities hidden deep within and seem to have a calculated and cold exterior. In reality their sharp perception is fine-tuned and absorbs more of the world around them as a consequence. Their reputation as compulsive finishers however remains entrenched.

Virgo has many irritating mannerisms. Amy Winehouse is a wild one, and holder of many of those. A Virgo on the reckless side of the spectrum builds problems out of minor glitches. And she is meticulous in her retribution. The reckless retribution she dishes out to tabloid media who take her for granted is a Virgo pet peeve. Winehouse is another asexual Virgo. She has a fine eye for detail but tends to be drawn to chaos, interruption and wild escapades in her life.

Sophia Loren is known for her feisty take-no-prisoners attitude, whose compulsion to forcefully persuade the minds around her into her world view is the mentality of an iron-willed Virgo. Her fine eye for details can pick flaws in any male facade. And males admittedly are turned on by her bravado. As much as one side of Virgo likes to find order in the chaos, the other side loves body worship. You will find their willingness irresistible when they have been proven wrong.

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