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 Charlize Theron
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Charlize Theron is an Oscar-winning actress who was born on August 17, making her a Leo. She is best known for her fantastic portrayal of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monsters Ball, which earned her an Academy Award. Like many Leos, Charlize is endlessly creative and unafraid to explore the depths of her skills. Leos are also known to be bold and courageous, not surpirising considering the mighty Lion is their zodiac symbol.

Charlize started out as a model at age 14, and then focused on ballet dancing until a knee injury forced her to rethink a career path. She first appeared in a non-speaking role in the direct-to-video film Children of the Corn III. This was followed by small roles in movies which helped her hone her acting skills.

A lot of critics lauded her Aileen Wuornos portrayal and the role eventually made her the first African to win an Oscar. This paved the way for other triumphant performances in movies like North Country which earned her another Academy Award nomination. Leos are typically strong of will and character, with personalities that are magnanimous and befit of splendor. Like a typical Leo, Charlize possesses a tough personality that helped shaped the larger-than-life characters she portrays onscreen.

In their most personal and intimate relationships, Leos are generous, warmhearted, giving but strongly idealistic. Charlize isn’t settled down as of press time. Her last publicized romance was with fellow actor Stuart Townsend, who she met on the 2002 movie Trapped and co-starred again on the 2004 movie Head in the Clouds. They have been going out for a decade when they decided to split in 2010. Leos are usually the stronger personality and likes to oversee everything. Also, they tend to be excessively faithful and idealistic of their partners, which more often than not lead to disappointment.

Leos are the most ingenious zodiac, so it comes as to no surprise that Leos make excellent artists, actors and performers of any kind. Charlize is beauty who is a frequent leader in “Most Beautiful” lists, but more than that she is a top-notch performer who takes each and every role seriously.


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