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 Chris Brown
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chris Brown American R&B Singer, Chris Brown (Christopher Maurice) was born on May 5, 1989 in a small town in Virginia. His father worked as prison corrections officer while his mother worked as a director of a daycare center. He was the youngest child among the two in the family. Even as a child, Brown was into music already. Taurus is known for his strong-willed determination. His parents had a collection of soul albums where he used to listen but eventually got more interested in Hip-Hop later on.

He started his musical inclination by joining the church choir. He also auditioned in numerous talent search contests. His parents got divorced when he was still young. His mother found a new partner which she suffered domestic violence where he witnessed his motherís endurance. People born under Taurus are resistant to change and prefer a steady environment.

At age 13, his singing and dancing skills caught the attention of a talent scout who helped him start his musical career. At age 16, he released his first album, which became very successful. Taurus is very reliable, good team player and is will always succeed. In the United States, his first debut album hit the sales of over 2 million album copies and became double platinum.

Chris Brown and fellow R&B singer, Rihanna, eventually became lovers. Taurus is lusty, sensual and needs to be satisfied with his extreme sexual appetite. Unfortunately, the romantic love affair ended swiftly. Brown was involved in a domestic violence case with girlfriend Rihanna and later on found guilty. Taureans are loyal lovers who donít fool around and expect their partners to be faithful as well. Speculations were circulating about Rihannaís infidelity. The coupleís love affair had caused a lot of media frenzy all over the world. They were regarded as one of the most sought after couples in Hollywood.The case greatly affected his career.

He later apologized to Rihanna by posting a 2-minute video at YouTube. Taurus is very serious and committed to hia love life. The court sentenced him to 5 yrs. probation, 1 yr. counseling service and 6 mos. of community service after found guilty to felony assault.


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