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 Christian Bale
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Christian Bale Like many Aquarians, Christian possesses a strong and magnetic personality that translates to his larger-than-life characters onscreen. He is known for his intense method acting for his timeless characters, such as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and Batman for Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight movies.

Christian Bale, born January 30, 1974, is an Aquarian. He grew up in a lot of places, like Portugal and California. He was accepted to drama school but deferred going to focus on his acting career. Like a true Aquarian, he has a chameleon-like personality and has portrayed such a diverse set of characters. In fact, he was dubbed number one in Entertainment Weekly’s “Top 8 Most Powerful Cult Figures”. When he played Batman inThe Dark Knight he quickly gained fans and worldwide recognition.

Aquarians are known to have a controlled personality that can appear to be enigmatic to others. Christian is widely known as a “method” actor and loses himself in his roles, as evident in the fact that he lost quite a lot of weight for his role in the movie The Machinist and did extreme workouts to get buffed up like his Patrick Bateman character in American Psycho. It is truly an Aquarian trait to be distant from their feelings and appear cold. As an actor, Christian easily exudes the magnetic charisma that his characters have.

In 2000, he married Winona Ryder’s assistant, Sibi Blazic. Toether, they have a daughter, Emmaline, born in 2005. He was once quoted as saying, “I think trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing in the world a woman can do. What I love about my wife is that she's a really strong-minded, stubborn, fiery woman. I find that sexier than anything else.” Like a true Aquarian, Christian is someone who seems sincere in his feelings and approaches relationships in a totally different manner than his outward persona.

An Aquarian always approaches life as an independent and is always an original. Christian Bale is a stalwart in his prolific acting career but is unassuming in his personal relationships and love life. True to his zodiac, his greatest fear is to “become boring”. Aquarians detest mediocrity in every aspect of their life, and this is why Christian always pushes himself to the limit.


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