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 Christopher Meloni
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Christopher Meloni is an American actor well-known for his role as Detective Elliot Stabler in TV’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Being born in April 2 makes him an Aries. Arians, known for being inventive and original, are also made to be great leaders. Being the first sign in the astrological year, Aries people often live by the saying “get something new started”. They’re very expressive and always getting new ideas. Meloni, being a TV veteran, is also branching out to the world of movies.

Meloni is of French Canadian and Italian heritage and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied acting but ended up getting a degree in History. After moving to New York, he decided to pursue acting by attending classes under Sanford Meisner at the renowned Neighborhood Playground.

Before getting his big acting break, he worked as a construction worker, aside from being a bouncer, a personal trainer and a bartender. He got roles in commercials and bit parts in TV shows, but he shot to fame as Elliot Stabler in Law and Order: SVU when he got the part in 1999. He even got an Emmy nomination for his role. Like a true Arian, he is concerned with self-development to the point of slight self-centeredness. Arians like aggressiveness but they can get too restless sometimes.

In their personal relationships, Arians are enthusiastic and open to their closest friends and lovers. However, oftentimes they can get too insensitive to others because of their aggressiveness. Meloni is married to production designer Doris Sherman and the couple has two children named Sophia and Dante. Arians are highly devoted to their family and remain extremely generous when surrounded by their closest peers. They’re among the most loving and protective people of the zodiac.

Meloni is soon set to appear on the big screen as part of the big-budgeted movie Man of Steel, due for release in summer 2012. Like most Arians, Meloni is a pioneer, always imaginative and doing new ideas. The main thing about Arians is that they are quick-witted, expressive and intelligent but can be at times quite foolhardy and overly optimistic. They should strive to keep a firm balance between reality and imagination.


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