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 Christopher Reeve
Zodiac Sign: Libra

A super man in his own ways, Christopher D'Olier Reeve was born and raised in New York City on September 25, 1952. His disarming good looks and magnetic personality made him one of the most sought after leading men in Hollywood during his era. He became an international phenomenon with his portrayal of the fictional superhero Superman. Aside from playing the lead role in Superman sequels, he was also a successful film director, producer, screenwriter and author.

Librais generally good looking, charming, kind, gentle and patient. These qualities enabled Reeve to get a spot in various acting theaters in New York. After playing supporting roles in numerous theatrical plays, Reeve got the break of his career when he was asked to audition for the lead role as Clark Kent  in 1978’s big budget film, Superman: The Movie. Although he was just a skinny actor with raw talent, casting director Lynn Stalmaster saw within Reeve several Libra traits that Stalmaster believed will make him a perfect fit for the role. His impeccable social skills and positive outlook in life were vital in his successful acting career. Libra is one of the most sociable and desired people on earth. They always seek balance in everything they do, and focus all their energy in accomplishing any given task while extending a helping hand to others. Throughout his career, most of Reeve’s colleagues and workmates have nothing to say but good words for him. He was known for his kind treatment to every staff of all his movies regardless of job position. Moreover, as a testament to Libra’s unwavering loyalty as a friend, Jane Seymour named her son Christopher in his honor.

Although Superman was followed up by several blockbuster sequels, Reeve’s other movies were mostly failures. Even though Libra is not generally keen with challenges, Reeves remained loyal to his acting career despite many negative criticisms. He continued to hone his acting skills, which landed him other lead roles – none matching the impact of Superman.

Like all Libras, Reeve valued romantic relationships and was known as an honest and faithful lover. This is the reason why throughout his stellar career, he remained deeply attached to his longtime partner, Gae Exton. On December 20, 1979, the couple had their first child named Matthew Exton Reeve at a hospital in London, England. Fatherhood came easy with Reeves as he naturally shared Libra’s deep love and care for everyone.After finishing Superman II, the family left London and moved to Hollywood Hills.

On October 2004, Reeve was undergoing treatment for a wound that causes systemic infection called sepsis when he lost consciousness and went into coma. Doctors state that an antibiotic for the infection caused the cardiac arrest that took his life on October 10, 2004. Superman was only 52 when he retired his cape.

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