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 Collin Farrell
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Collin Farrell is an Irish actor famous for his roles in Alexander, Hart’s war and Minority report. Born on May 31, 1976 in Dublin, Ireland, he is the son of Eamon Farrel and Rita Monaghan. Born a Gemini, he tends to be spontaneous, playful and enjoys everything in order not to be bored. Quoting Colin on what kind of girl interests him, “…with a Senseof humor, a bit of danger, good fun”, revealing a person inclined to amusement and thrill in a relationship.

Generally Geminis are friendly people, though they seem only to get attracted to people they find interesting. When loving a Gemini, one must be willing to do daring things for you to captivate a daring individual.

As we look in Colin’s love life, it seems that it is generally influenced by his Gemini soul. The Irish actor’s had his first relationship with Amelia Warner (Actress) in 2001. Both born under Gemini, and the saying “same poles repel” is true, though they started well with a romantic Hawaii getaway, they separated shortly after.

After his brief relationship with Ameila, he again gained an intimate relationship with US model Kim Bordenave and their love produced one son, James Padraig Farrel, who was stricken with Angelman Syndrome (a rare disorder that inhibits mental and physical development) in 2003.

Amid numerous scandals, ranging from addiction to sexual scandals, Colin still goes strong and still manages to awe the public with his appeal. In the 2003 edition of People’s magazine, Colin was named one of the “50 most beautiful people” and was the 6th Sexiest man in the world, according to Company magazine.

Though struggling to maintain his career, Colin never forgot his obligation to his family, especially his “disabled” son. Giving all the love and support he could muster, he showed the public that love could surpass all.


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