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 Daniel Craig
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Daniel Wroughton Craig is an English actor born on March 2, 1968. He is Famous for his roles in films like, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Road to Perdition and for his role as James Bond in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and the upcoming Bond23. Born in Chester, Cheshire, England, his parents are Timothy John Craig and Carol Olivia.

Born under Pisces, the English actor has within himself a “complicated” but understandable personality. Pisces generally project outwardly an aura of stiffness and sturdiness, but inside they are sentimental, delicate and generous. Pisces are also emotional, they are those who are willing to take the blame than to point fingers, endure pain than complain. In time as Pisces mature emotionally, they become the “gentlemen” who are more concerned for the well-being of their “Damsels” than themselves.

Looking into Craig’s romantic life, we see the influence of the stars in him. First married in 1992 to Scottish actress Fiona Loudon, their union gave them a daughter, Ella Craig. But because of Craig’s admitted failure in keeping the relationship strong, they ended in divorce. “…I do believe in marriage, I really do…I Just didn’t really understand it before” he said, revealing his rather “immaturity” during his younger days. Hesitation and indecisiveness are common traits of Pisces.

After the divorce, Craig went into other relationships, but still could not find the right girl for him. He became involved with Heike Makatsch, a German actress for seven years (1994-2001), and afterwards with Satsuki Mitchell (2004-2010) until he met Rachel Weisz.

Both born under Pisces, the two share the same experience in love. Both had just ended a long relationship and both are single parents. After a short and vigorous courtship period the two tied the knot secretly in New York last June, 2011.

Pisces are people with deep emotions; it is a positive attribute when given the right attention and perspective in life. People in relationship with Pisces must understand their feelings thoroughly to be compatible.


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