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 David Beckham
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

David Beckham Born and raised at a football-loving country of England, David Robert Joseph Beckham was blessed with superior football skills coupled with a charming personality. He rose to fame when he began his professional career for Manchester United at the age of 17. Through his illustrious career, he had stints with Real Madrid, Milan, and Los Angeles Galaxy. He was also a perennial member of the England national team and competed against the best players of FIFA World Cup.

During one of his games with Manchester United, David met Victoria Adams, famously known as “Posh Spice" of the international singing sensation “Spice Girls”. At that time, he was just starting to scratch his potentials while she was already part of one of the highest selling music groups of all time. Victoria did not mind the disparity of their fame as she was instantly hooked by David’s charm and the natural caring and loyal traits of a Taurus.

Although their relationship was instantly under the radar of the media, David made sure that she stayed happy by showing affection even if the cameras are rolling. Taurus is known for being highly physical and loves to hug and touch in a very respectful way.

After a year of storybook romance, David surprised Victoria with a marriage proposal at a lavish restaurant in Cheshunt, England. On July 4, 1999, Posh and Beck exchanged wedding vows at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. The extravagant ceremony was covered by countless media companies and was broadcasted live due to public demand. Promising his wife a dream wedding, David’s Taurus spirit made sure that the event was classy, tasteful and elegant even if it meant spending a fortune.

Due to the fact that Taurus is always in search for the most delicious foods, one of the best parts of their wedding was the menu. Expensive cuisines served in the most elegant presentations comforted their A-List guests that included movie stars and athletes.


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