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 Denise Richards
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Denise Richards, born February 17, 1971, is a true blue Aquarius. She is an American actress who started out as a fashion model. Like any Aquarians, Richards excelled in sport and in her early years, she was quoted as saying that she was the only girl on the baseball team. Before her career as an actress was launched, she was a model under the Judith Fontaine Modeling & Talent Agency.

Like many others born under Aquarius, Richards is insightful and often viewed as nave. She starred in various small movies before hitting the big time playing nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones in the Bond movie The World is Not Enough. However, she was criticized for her portrayal. Aquarians are often quiet and unorthodox in their ways. Sure enough, after her first big-budget turn as a Bond Girl, she appeared in several TV shows to prove her mettle.

In 2002, she married actor Charlie Sheen, whom she met in Good Advice and later co-starred with inScary Movie 3. They have two daughters, Sam and Lola Rose. Aquarians are often seen as intensely magnetic persons but in other ways, are viewed as cold and condescending to others. Sadly, Sheen divorced from Richards in 2005, followed by a brief reconciliation. However, in 2006, Richards decided to go on with the divorce. Aquarians are often disillusioned in their personal relationships because they expect too much from others. This is why they are frequently left unsatisfied. In early 2008, she decided that she would show her life in an E! Reality Show entitled Denise Richards: Its Complicated. Sheen promptly complained that the appearance of their daughters would be unfit and exploitative. Richards, however, won the court case so she can include her daughters in the show.

Aquarians are the most enjoyable companions. They are always seeking knowledge and peace within themselves, often turning philosophical. They seek unity in their personal community. This is perhaps why Richards decided to settle the custody with Sheen, in order to do whats best for the girls, as Sheen was quoted as saying back in 2009.

In 2011, Richards adopted a baby girl and named her Eloise Joni, after her mother who previously died from cancer.


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