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 Dennis Quaid
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Dennis William Quaid is a popular actor who has made a name for himself starring in numerous films that cemented his A-List status in Hollywood. Born on the 9th of April, he is an Aries. Arians are known for being the most innovative and enthusiastic of all zodiacs, being the first in the astrological year. Arians are the most imaginative, always open to new ideas and optimistic about their goals. They don’t let anything hamper their success, but more than anything they are the go-getters of the astrological universe. They have the innate belief that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Dennis Quaid is a household name after starring in huge movies such as Far From Heaven, The Day After Tomorrow and Traffic. He started his career after his own brother, Randy, received an Oscar nomination for the movie The Last Detail. Dennis’ first appearance was in a bit role in Breaking Away in 1979. Dennis is famous for his versatility, having tried his hand in comedy and drama. He’s famous for his boyish grin that won the hearts of women the world over as Frank Whitaker in the movie Far From Heaven, the movie that earned his accolades and nominations from numerous award-giving bodies.

Like a true Arian, Dennis Quaid is determined to try everything that his life has to offer. That same attitude can have both good and bad results. In the early 1990s Quaid battled with anorexia nervosa and was treated for cocaine addiction which later slowed his career down. In their intimate relationships, Arians are frank but generous, and most often they make great parents and loving friends. They are known to be quite loyal and protective but are bored by the routine in a relationship.

Quaid’s first marriage was with actress PJ Soles back in 1978. The couple divorced in 1983. In 1991, he married famous actress Meg Ryan. Their son, Jack Henry, was born in 1992. They were divorced on 2001, with Ryan admitting in 2008 that Quaid was unfaithful all throughout their relationship. After years of getting back into the dating scene, Quaid married real-estate agent Kimberly Buffington in his ranch in Montana. They had twins born via gestational carrier, Zoe and Thomas, born on 2004.


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