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 Devon Sawa
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Devon Sawa is a Canadian actor who made a name for himself starring in the first Final Destination film. Born in September 7, he is a Virgo. Virgos are known to be perfectionist and intelligent. A lot of Virgos also exhibit an endless creativity that they combine with their astute eye for beautiful things. They are partial to conservatism and in the most extreme sense; they tend to be emotionally cold and unfeeling. However, they are good judges of character and always remain calm and collected in the face of trials and difficulties.

Devon was born to a television producer mother and a refrigerator mechanic father. His acting career was launched when he starred in a series of toy commercials. His career slowly blossomed by the 1990s, with him appearing in movies such as Little Giants, Casper, Now and Then, Wild America, Idle Hands, and Final Destination. He also starred in the Canadian TV Show Kerrisdale High in 1992. He also famously starred in Eminem’s music video as a crazed and depressive fan in Stan, alongside singer Dido. Over the years, he has been gaining steady work in independent films such as Extreme Dating, Endure andSibling. He is set to star in the 2012 movie The Philly Kid.

Virgos may be known for being unfeeling, but this is only a front to conceal their true emotions from people they don’t trust. They are also oftentimes short on self-confidence and over think almost everything. In relationships they tend to keep to themselves and a few close friends. They are often content in solitary situations because they are deep thinkers. They can be preoccupied for hours just thinking about a particular event. Because of their preference for control, they are often perfectionists who strive to achieve the very best in whatever they are doing.

In their most intimate relationships, Virgos are endlessly affectionate and charming, which can be quite a huge contrast to how other people perceive them. Devon has been linked to a number of his co-stars, including his Casper co-star Christina Ricci. Virgos make great partners and are very unassuming, true to the saying that “silent waters run deep”.


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