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 Dolph Lundgren
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Hans “Dolph” Lundgren is a veteran action star in the same caliber as Van Damme, Stallone and Norris. In fact, he starred with Stallone in Rocky IV, where he first came into public consciousness as the Russian boxer and Rocky’s rival Ivan Drago. He has since then starred in many more hit action films such as the recent The Expendables alongside many action heavyweights like Van Damme and Jet Li.

He is a true-blue Scorpio, having been born November 3, 1957. Among all zodiacs, Scorpios are known to be the most intense and reflective. They often appear sullen and quiet, but underneath the surface they are great thinkers and proactive. In social situations, they are pleasant and agreeable. Scorpios also possess a profound type of energy which can in a way, draw people to them. Lundgren, a chemical engineering graduate from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the University of Sydney, is not just any average movie star. His colorful life truly reflects his vigor and persona as a Scorpio.

He is a black belter in Kyokushin Karate (a full-contact, standing karate) and was the European champion for two consecutive years in 1980 to 1981. He became a bodyguard to singer Grace Jones and had a relationship with her. When the couple moved to New York City, he became a part-time model and a bouncer for nightclubs.

His first film appearance was in the James Bond movie A View to Kill as a henchman. This was followed up by his big break in Rocky IV. As a Scorpio, Lundgren is intense and electric which made him suitable as an action star. They use their abundant energy in the most productive ways. With their self-confidence and intelligence, they earn the respect of their fellow peers, usually leaders themselves.

In their personal relationships, Scorpios are passionate and enthusiastic. They are the most sensual of all zodiacs and are compatible with almost anyone who shares the same intensity. After his affair with Grace Jones, he married jewelry designer Anette Qviberg who is from Marbella, Spain. They decided to settle in Marbella and have two daughters together- Ida Sigrid, born 1996 and Greta Eveline, born 2001. In 2011, the couple filed for divorce. According to reports, Lundgren moved back to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, model Jenny Sandersson.


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