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 Dwayne Johnson
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Dwayne Johnson conquered not only the world of wrestling, but Hollywood as well. He is popularly (and formerly) known as The Rock, but gave up the moniker once he decided to focus entirely on his acting career. Born on May 2, he is a Taurus.

People born under the zodiac sign Taurus are regarded to be solid, reliable, practical and trustworthy. They are loyal to their friends and partners. They have a need to be secure in all aspects of their lives, hence their practicality and frugality when it comes to material possessions. Dwayne Johnson started out as a football player on a scholarship in the University of Miami. However, a serious back injury prevented him from going pro in the NFL. After declining a place with the Canadian team, he decided to focus his attention on wrestling, which was little known back then.

His first moniker when he was starting out under the USWA was “Flex Kavanah”. In 1996, Dwayne joined WWE and eventually became known as The Rock. As a Taurus, he is steadfast in the midst of difficulties. Little did he know that after he lost his football career that an even greater future lies ahead of him in wrestling and acting. In 2000, he took a break from wrestling to film his scenes in the hit movie The Mummy Returns. He was granted a spin-off with his first starring role in The Scorpion King in 2002, which was a prequel to The Mummy Returns. Since then he has starred in many more box-office movies.

In work, Tauruses are industrious and excellent workers. They balance their skills and strengths with good aesthetic taste and a talent for design. This is why they flourish in many professions.

In love, Tauruses are faithful and affectionate. As a Taurus, Dwayne is mild-mannered and even-tempered, certainly not the menacing wrestler persona that we are used to see fighting in the ring. He met his first wife, Dany Garcia, when they were both 22. They got married in 1997, the day after his 25th birthday. The couple has a daughter together, named Simone Alexandra who was born 2001. On 2007, the couple announced their separation after ten years of marriage, stating that they split amicably and will remain friends for the rest of their life. The main focus of any Taurus person is to maintain stability in their life.


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