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 Emma Watson
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, born April 15, 1990, is most popular for bringing the character Hermione Granger to life in the movie adaptations for the bestselling Harry Potter series. Being born in early April, Emma is a true Aries. Aries people are commonly known to be pioneering and dynamic, and these are the exact qualities that Emma has.

She won the role of Hermione at the age of 9, beating thousands of other girls who auditioned for the plum role. She displayed an uncanny intelligence even in her early years and co-stars are quick to agree that she is most like her character in real life. Aries people are also leaders and are display courageousness, and this is why Emma is seen as a great role model for girls everywhere.

In personal relationships, Aries people are totally affectionate and loving, as they are enthusiastic and quite generous to their friends. Emma’s first boyfriend was George Craig, whom she met while modeling for luxe brand Burberry. The two hit it off and Emma even played his love interest in his band One Night Only’s music video “Say You Don’t Want it”.

Emma started dating fellow actor Johnny Simmons when they met on the set of their upcoming film Perks of Being a Wallflower. Johnny is an up-and-coming actor who previously appeared in such films like Jennifer’s Body. Lately, they have been photographed all over Pittsburgh and even in London, where reports have been saying that Emma has introduced Johnny to her parents.

“I would love to not date someone in the same industry as me. Otherwise it becomes what it means to everyone else”, Emma told Vogue magazine. Aries people have the tendency to be intellectual and objective. No doubt Johnny’s charms have endeared him to her. Aries people are devoted and sensitive to their partner’s needs. This is a good thing for the couple and they appear to be happy together.

Emma is truly a rarity in Hollywood these days, with her astute intelligence and interesting beauty. Surely, beyond Harry Potter, she will be able to make a name for herself.


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