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 Ethan Hawke
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Ethan Hawke is an American film actor best known for his roles in movies such as Before Sunrise, Reality Bites and Dead Poets Society. As a Scorpio, it would be no surprise that Hawke is intense and captivating onscreen as he is off. He possesses a self-awareness that is rare in actors. People that are born under the sign of Scorpio are known for their intensity, energy and magnetic personality.

The son of an insurance actuary and a charity worker, Hawke was raised by his mother after his parents separated when he was 10. After graduating from high school, he was studying acting at Carnegie Mellon University but dropped out when he was cast in Dead Poets Society in 1989. After a while, he also enrolled at New York University but again dropped out to further focus on his acting career.

Most Scorpios have a depth of character and a passion that seldom others have. Because of this, they often have a great self-discipline. They are aware of what makes them different from others. Socially, they are pleasant and agreeable conversationalists, engaging and have a charming personality that make people attracted to them.

After gaining his mom’s permission to audition for roles at age 14, Hawke got his big break starring alongside River Phoenix in the 1985 movie Explorers. His performance got rave reviews from critics but was dismal at the box-office. Hawke took a little break from acting after the movie, but eventually he got his biggest break in the movie Dead Poets Society. Since then, he has starred in classic and award-winning movies.

Today, he is part of Hollywood’s elite A-List, making his name not only in films but also in writing and directing. He has the film resume that other actors can only dream of. Being a Scorpio, they can find success in almost any aspect of their life, being so self-controlled and disciplined that they can master anything that they set their mind to. Their intensity can be their biggest strength or a big weakness. They must remember to use their restraint in appropriate situations.

In love, Scorpios are passionate, true to their intense nature. In May 1998, Hawke married Uma Thurman. They met on the set of their movie Gattaca. The couple has two children, son Levon and daughter Maya. After filing for divorce in 2004, Hawke married for a second time, this time in 2008, to Ryan Shawhughes, who previously worked as his children’s nanny. They have two daughters, Clementine Jane and Indiana.


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