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 George Washington
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Regarded as the "Father of his country”, George Washington was one of the most influential and beloved presidents of America.  Born February 22, 1732, this Pisces military and political leader played a critical role in America’s victory over Britain during the American Revolutionary War. As the commander in chief of the Continental Army, he presided over the writing of the 1787 Constitution. Some of his numerous achievements that changed American history include the development of government forms still utilized today, cabinet system, and delivering of inaugural address. Pisces has a very imaginative and creative mind that enables them to successfully accomplish any given goal. Their artistic talents often inspire people around them to reach their potentials.  Until today, George is highly respected and viewed as a great leader for building a stable and financially strong national government that avoided war during his presidency.

Although George was often seen as a sturdy leader with a bossy persona, he had overflowing love and soft side for his family. He had an extremely close relationship with his brother John Augustine Washington and nephew Bushrod Washington. Like all Pisces, George is very emotional, especially with his relatives. His family loved him because of his mysterious attitude, but at the same time, a reliable person to count on when in need.

George was raised in Colonial Virginia under the guidance of a wealthy family that owned tobacco plantations ran by slave laborers. He and his older brother were home schooled by their father, whom they developed a strong bond with. George experienced the first set back of his life at a very young age when he lost both his father and brother due to sickness. From that time on, he became attached to the powerful Fairfax clan, which molded him as a natural leader equipped with bravery and strength. George’s creative and eagerness to learn Pisces traits allowed him to quickly become a much respected war leader. On 1754, he became a senior officer of the colonial forces that battled during the first stages of the French and Indian War. Washington's honed leadership skills, military intelligence, and political connections made him the leading choice of the 1775 Second Continental Congress as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army that fought against the British during the American Revolution.

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