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 Harrison Ford
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Harrison Ford is an American actor and producer, Famous for his memorable roles in Star wars as Hans Solo and as the main character in Indiana Jones. He was born on July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. Ford’s parents are Christopher and Dorothy Ford. He is born under the influence of Cancer.

Cancer influences a person to be “chivalrous”, people born under Cancer are driven emotionally and will give security and assurance to people close to them. Always inclined to help anyone in need and is concerned for the welfare of others. Cancer is a good candidate for leaders and civil servants.

They can be great romantics, always giving support to the ones they love. Innately they can be timid, and with low self-confidence, but once you show your concern for Cancer, they will repay your kindness greatly.

As we look at ford’s Love life we can clearly see his Cancer attitude. He was first married to Mary Marquardt (a college sweetheart) on 1964 and their union gave them two children, Benjamin and Willard Ford. After fifteen years of marriage, the two ended in divorce, though Ford and Mary Marquardt have parted ways, He still protects the integrity of their private lives.

Again he searched for the right woman for him and shortly after he met Melissa Mathison a screenwriter and they got married on Mar 10, 1983, they had two children, Malcolm Ford and Georgia Ford. After seventeen years the married also ended in divorce.

Until in 2002 he met Calista Flockhart, he became intimate with her but didn’t went into a serious relationship, for seven years they lived together until Valentine’s day of 2009, they agreed to get married. The memorable day came on June 15, 2010 and the two tied the knot.

Persons under Cancer are people who can love long –term, but even people with that kind of potential to love have its limits. Loving must be mutual, and if love is mutually obtained then its potency will last forever.


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