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 Henry Thomas
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Henry Thomas is best known as the lovable Elliot in the classic 1982 film E.T. Extraterrestrial which was directed by Steven Spielberg. His full name is Henry Jackson Thomas, Jr. Born on September 9, 1971 makes him a true Virgo. After his role in ET, Thomas became a musician, aside from starring in other movie productions.

The only child of a homemaker and a hydraulic machinist, Thomas attended Blinn College in Bryan, Texas after his stint as a child actor and a commercial model. His role in ET ranked him 24th on VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars" and paved the way for his career to be launched. Aside from movies, he also dabbled in music, performing with the band The Blueheelers. Being a Virgo, creativeness and versatility comes naturally to Thomas. Virgos are known to be expressive and observant of their environment. Although tending to be traditional and practical, they also thrive in social situations with their charm and poise.

On a more perspective note, Virgos are less confident than the other zodiacs, often introverted and unaware of their own self-expression. On the outside, they may seem cold, distant and emotionally unaware but this is only a façade to hide their conservatism and insecurities. After bit roles in films like All the Pretty Horses and Gangs of New York, Thomas appeared on TV in CSI as Franklin Romar and had a role in The Mentalist as Tommy Lisbon. He is set to appear in the movie Big Sur as Philip Whalen in 2012.

Virgos tend to be intellectual, studious and cbe methol.

movie Big Sur k, unaware but this is only a facade ften introverted and unaware of their own self-exextremely observant, making them great students and problem-solvers. They have a great eye for detail and have an affinity for aesthetic design. With all these being said, they make better followers rather than leaders because they are finicky and indecisive. They are not big fans of responsibility and don’t have a definite vision in their goals. In their love life, they are affectionate and way more expressive to their partners. Although practical, their quiet reserve and dignity makes them appealing.

In 2000, Thomas married actress Kelly Hill. The marriage ended up in divorce in 2002. Thomas married German actress Marie Zielcke in 2004 and had a child, Hazel. The couple filed for legal separation on May 2007.


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