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 Ioan Gruffudd
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Ioan Gruffudd is a Welsh actor best known for his roles as in The Fantastic Four, Black Hawk Down and King Arthur. Born in October 6 to teacher parents in Southern Wales, Ioan is a true blue Libra. Libras are known for their diplomatic and easy-going nature, which makes them such a joy to be with. They are never in the extremes when it comes to their personalities and make excellent mediators.

Before starring in Hollywood films, Ioan made a name for himself in his hometown, starring in the Welsh television series Austin in 1986 and the soap opera Pobol y Cym (People of the Valley) from 1987 to 1994. In 1992, when he was 18, he was accepted to the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts in London. Despite feeling isolated and listless during his years in RADA, he was given some great roles that led to him starring in more Welsh productions. It was during his stint as Oscar Wilde’s lover in 1997’s Wilde that he was given his first international role as First Officer Harold Lowe in the blockbuster hit Titanic.

Astrologers regard the zodiac Libra as the most advantageous zodiacs, with the sign representing the highest point of the year when prosperity is plentiful. Generally, Librans are known to be the most diplomatic of all zodiacs and are quite the peace –lovers. Librans are sensitive to the needs of others and are in tune to everyone else’s needs almost on a psychic level. They are also very social and extroverted and being the peacekeepers that they are, detest conflict and offensiveness. They also tend to observe rather than take action.

Ioan was cast in the Disney live action movie 102 Dalmatians, and in the set he met his wife Alice Evans. The couple married on September 14, 2007 in Mexico. In 2009, they welcomed their first child, daughter Ella Gruffudd. The couple has been living in Los Angeles ever since. Ioan says that the easy-going style of Los Angeles is the primary reason why he decided to settle in the city, as well as the laid-back nature of Americans in California. Librans are well-balanced and like to keep everything low-profile. In their personal relationships, they are always understanding to their partners. They can also be romantic and affectionate.

Librans, although endearing, can be indecisive and too timid for action. These are their worst traits. The main thing that they should work on is their capacity for patience and persistence.


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