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 Jennifer Lopez
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Jennifer Lopez The Girl from the Bronx as she is famously known is born on July 24, 1969 under the astrological sign, Leo which is symbolized by the lion. Jennifer Lynn Lopez who is fondly nicknamed J.Lo grew up in the Bronx, New York to Puerto Rican parents. She started as a dancer on the television comedy program “In Living Color”. However, with the sun as the ruling planet for the Lions, J.Lo was bound to be triumphant in her career. Apart from being a singer and a graceful dancer, she is also a record producer, television personality, fashion designer, and a television producer. She is regularly seen in the hit US talent search American Idol Season 11.

J.Lo had several high profile relationships before she married Marc Anthony on June 4, 1994. Maybe it is because Lions are easily attracted to the opposite sex. They are born with natural charisma which leads them to have numerous love affairs. Their inclination to pleasure and beauty tends to drive them from one partner to another. Despite this attitude, the Lions are also very sincere and generous to their partners.

She shared a 10-year relationship with David Cruz. After their split in 1994 she revealed that she maintains a very close relationship with him. She was quoted saying that, “He’s a friend and he probably knows me better than anyone else”.

On the following year, she found herself in two-and-a-half-year relationship with Sean Combs who is a hip hop mogul. J.Lo and Sean ended their relationship after he was charged with felony gun possession when a gun was found in the front seat of their vehicle in which J.Lo was a passenger after gunfire erupted in a party at Club New York in midtown Manhattan.

The J.Lo – Afleck romance was tagged by the media as the “Bennifer”. Their relationship was highly publicized and in November 2002 Afleck popped the question to J.Lo with a six-carat pink diamond ring which was reportedly worth $1.2 million. In several gatherings J.Lo declared that he is the one she will share a family with. But just hours before their Santa Barbara, California wedding in September 14, 2003, the wedding was called off. They continued to fight for their relationship but to no avail and in January 2004, it was officially over. However, with barely two months after the break up J.Lo moved on and was back in the dating arena with Marc Anthony who is now her husband of five years.

Although Lions have abundant opportunities for love, the choice for the “ultimate and one true love” is rather difficult for them. That is why they, most of the time, enjoy casual short affairs that will also bore them if it lacked the matching charisma that they are born with. The standing challenge for the Lions is that they need to learn to settle down and to compromise a little for them to succeed not only in their fields but more importantly in love and relationships.


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