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 Joel Edgerton
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Joel Edgerton is an Australian actor best known for his film and TV work. His career resume is expansive, having worked with some of the industry’s best like George Lucas. In the next year, he is set to play Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrman’s epic movie The Great Gatsby.

Born in Blacktown, Sydney in June 23 of 1974, Joel is a Cancer through and through. His father is a property developer while his mother is a homemaker. He had his first exposure to the world of entertainment with his brother, who is a stuntman and a filmmaker.

Cancerians are most notably known for being the least clear-cut among al zodiacs. Their personalities are vastly different and can be hard to pinpoint. Cancerians’ personalities are widely indistinct; there can be two Cancerian people with two different personalities. Primarily, a Cancerian can be known for their love of the familiar. They are homebodies who make their families an utmost priority in their life. Similarly, they are affectionate, loving and true friends. They value loyalty and respect. They have a natural charm in them, but they can be notoriously shy.

Edgerton attended the Nepean Drama School at the University of Western Sydney. He states in an Australian broadsheet that drama school was a way for him “to meet girls”. Over time, he fell in love with the job and his career that spanned various roles in big-budgeted movies. While in drama school, he was starring in various stage plays with the Sydney Theatre Company. He also got small parts in some Australian TV Shows.

He became a household name in Australia with the TV Series The Secret Life of Us, playing Will McGill. After two seasons, he left the show and explored the opportunities film has to offer.  Like a true Cancer, he is in tune with the ebbs and flows of life. Cancerians know that there is an appropriate time for everything. He appeared in the Star Wars prequels as Owen Lars, Anakin Skywalker’s stepbrother. He appeared in several movies, including Warrior, Smokin’ Aces andThe Thing.

In love, Cancerians are sweet, affectionate and reassuring. They are nurturing and very compassionate. One of their abilities is to read people, but they couple it with an emotional brain. Edgerton, now 34 years old, has been famously hush-hush about his love life, but the paparazzi have recently snapped him kissing his The Waiting City co-star Isabel Lucas in Bryon Bay. In the future, he would like to devote more time to direct films of his own.


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