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 John Cusack
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

John Cusack is well-known for being the offbeat hero in some of the most memorable Hollywood films. Being born on June 28 makes Chicago-born Cusack a Cancerian, through and through. Born to a family of actors and thespians, Cusack was literally born to be an actor. While still in elementary school, he joined his brothers and sisters who were enrolled in the Piven Theater Workshop, where he met and befriended fellow actor Jeremy Piven. At age 12, Cusack already had several stage plays, commercials and even small films in his resume.

He made his movie debut in 1982, starring with Rob Lowe in the movie Class. His next movie, 1984s Sixteen Candles made him a household name with teens all over America. He starred in more movies but to date, he is still best known for being the stereo-toting Lloyd Dobler in the seminal 1989 movie Say Anything.

Cancerians are typically known to be the most varied of all zodiacs. They possess an innate charm that makes them great companions and conversationalists, but they also tend to keep to themselves most of the time. When faced with a difficult challenge, they try to focus on the most important aspects of the challenge and focus on it. Being big people pleasers, they go the extra mile to make sure that everyone around them feels comfortable and are enjoying themselves. They also tend to make good actors, as they love expressing their creativity by portraying other identities.

Cusack again gained recognition for his offbeat role in the critically-acclaimed movie Being John Malkovich in 1999. The role won him a Best Actor trophy in the Independent Spirit Awards. He followed it up by starring in the cult classic High Fidelity as a sarcastic records store owner. Currently, he is set to star as Edgar Allan Poe in the movie adaptation of The Raven.

Cancerians are level-headed in love and personal relationships. Though they appear to be tough-as-nails on the outside, they can be sweet and affectionate as well. They are very good at reading people and choose their friends wisely. In spite of this, they are easily trusting and are taken advantage of very easily because of this. Cusack is known for being very secretive with his love life. He had never said a word about who he is currently dating, but some sources say that he has recently broken up with Prison Break actress Jodi Lyn OKeefe.


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