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 Katie Holmes
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Katie Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 (Sagittarius). She shot to fame for playing the role of Joey Potter in the TV series Dawson’s Creek. After successfully playing roles in various movie projects, Holmes married Tom Cruise, who had been her constant date since 2005.

Katie and Tom now have a daughter named Suri Cruise and they were spotted recently spending time together trick or treating for Halloween in Los Angeles. They both headed to Century Mall to get the perfect costume for Suri. Eventually the pair decided on a princess costume for Suri. But while the mother and daughter tandem spent hours together, where was Tom? he was busy filming Mission: Impossible IV overseas.

Katie and Tom have so much in common and the stars and the heavenly bodies across the universe for this couple really do collide. Katie’s sun is Sagittarius, while her moon is in Leo. On the other hand, Tom has Cancerian behaviour that implies he has very emotional and intimate passion, while Katie’s Sagittarian side attitude and behavior is very submissive by nature. With this, their relationship has a balanced composition that would really works for the both of them. They both share an emotional type of relationship, which makes them a perfect pair. However, with this too many things in common, stress also comes in particularly with time spent apart. Katie and Tom need to work hard to keep a better and strong relationship in terms of communication; and opportunities for intimacy and bonding with each other are critical if they really want the relationship to last.

Too much in common can lead to a dull relationship and the couple are trying to explore new things that will interest them both to strengthen their relationship. They both have earth signs, which will help them in discussing about things such as business, designing their home, or talking about their respective projects.


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