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 Kevin Costner
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Capricorn is serious and sets high goals under any circumstance. It is associated with success and ability to reach greater heights against any odds. With limited resources, Kevin honed his artistic skills by taking free piano lessons given by First Baptist Choir. He also constantly wrote poetry and became an active member of his local church choir.

Kevin spent most of his teenage years in various parts of California and became a member of Delta Chi fraternity. A natural born leader, he was respected by his fraternity brothers and made important contribution to their various activities. Capricorn thirsts for control and respect. His peers were instantly drawn to his intelligence combined with a unique sense of humor, keen observation skills, and emotional stability.

During his college years, Costner dated fellow student Cindy Silva. After months of dating, they married and produced three children. Rumors state that their 16 years of marriage ended because Kevin was more focused on his acting career. Being a very reserved and unemotional person, he was never overly affectionate or romantically gushy with her. Capricorn tends to be more committed to work to the point that his partner might feel neglected and ignored.

This time letting the relationship develop, he married his girlfriend of four years, German model and handbag designer Christine Baumgartner, on September 25, 2004 at his ranch in Aspen, Colorado. With romantic relationships and business matters, Capricorn prefers to go slowly but surely. Their marriage is blessed with three children and gets stronger each day. Patience and persistence are truly unbeatable traits of Costner.


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