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 Kylie Minogue
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Kylie Minogue was born on May 28, 1968 under the Gemini zodiac sign. She is a very famous Australian songwriter, pop singer and actress. After being very successful as a child actress, Minogue’s success continued up to her teen and adulthood years in the Australian showbiz industry. Her role in Neighbours, an Australian TV soap, propelled her to stardom up to her eventual shift in career to becoming a recording artist in 1987. Her debut single entitled Locomotion became number 1 for seven straight weeks on the Australia Hit Chart and became the highest gross selling single of the decade. The success opened doors for her to sign a contract with famous producers and songwriters. Most of her singles made a mark in the British Top 10 Hits. Her first movie, The Delinquents, became box-office hit in UK and in her home country, Australia. Currently, she is a multi-awarded singer who won several awards like Grammys, ARIA and Brit Awards. Geminis are quickly changeable and are proficient of handling so many tasks simultaneously.

She was presented initially to the public with a girl next door image. Later on, her music videos showed provocative scenes and presented a different side of Minogue. In May 2005, she was diagnosed to have a breast cancer. After an intensive chemotherapy following a successful surgery in 2006, she continued her music career and concert tours around the world. This year, she will tour several countries for her Aphrodite Concert World Tour.

Minogue had gone through several media-frenzy unsuccessful relationships. Geminis have a strong craving for independence and freedom in their relationships. In 1990, Michael Hutchence became her boyfriend. In 1997, she and Stephane Sednaoui, a French photographer, was so in love with each other. Eventually, they broke up.Geminis are flirtatious by nature, with the capacity of luring the subject of their desire, they need a partner with whom they can live out their wild sexual fantasies. In 2002, Minogue and Oliver Martinez, a French actor, was seen dating in public until they became lovers. In 2007, Minogue announced that she had ended her relationship with long-time boyfriend Martinez. She was saddened by the rumors circulating about Martinez’s disloyalty.


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