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 Larry King
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Larry King On November 19, 1933 a respectable American television and radio host was born. He was Lawrence Harvey “Larry” King from New York City.

A notable character of a male scorpion is their passion for anything around them including work. A perfect example is Larry King. He is very passionate about his work that made him one of America’s leading broadcasters. He started as a Florida journalist and radio interviewer until he had a spot at CNN with the show Larry King Live. After 25 years he decided to retire from his show. On December 16, 2010 they aired the last edition for the show Larry King Live. He had won awards including an Emmy, two Peabody Awards and ten Cable ACE Awards.

Aside from his intense passion to work he is also a lover. Scorpion men are enchanting, great seducers, and charming. They could easily captivate any women’s heart. Love and romance is an obsession for a scorpion male. A perfect example of how attractive a male scorpion can be is Larry King. His first wife was when he was 18 years old. He got married to his high school sweetheart, Freda Miller. But their love ended when their parents ordered their marriage to be annulled. His next wife was Annette Kaye who gave him a son, Larry Jr. But just like his first relationship, they also ended in a divorce. Alene Akins was his third wife and she gave him a son named Andy. The couple divorced a year after. His fourth wife was Mary Francis “Mickey” Sutphin whose relationship was short lived. He got back with Akins and they had a daughter named Chaia. But like the first time, Akins and King got divorced. Sharon Lepore was his fifth wife but they also divorced after a few years. Businesswoman Julie Alexander was his sixth wife but because of work they lived separately. This separate living also caused their divorce. His seventh wife was with was Shawn Southwick and they had two children, Chance and Cannon. The couple decided to file a divorce but did not continue because they love their children and said “we love our children, we love each other, and we love being a family. That is all that matters to us".

Larry King demonstrates strong characteristics of a male scorpion: they find it hard to maintain a long relationship, generally they are strong and determined, and they have great passion.


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