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 Leonardo Dicaprio
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Leonardo Dicaprio Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio started his acting career by appearing in several television commercials and playing small roles in 1990’s sitcoms Santa Barbara and Growing Pains.

Naturally born with Scorpio’s commitment to work and high level of energy, Dicaprio persevered until reaching global superstardom. Aside from countless top grossing Hollywood movies like “Titanic” and “Catch Me if You Can”, he holds numerous awards from different film and TV organizations. Among his most notable citations include a Golden Globe Best Actor trophy for his performance in the blockbuster movie “The Aviator”, and Silver Bear medal from Chlotrudis Award Guild.

Known for his spontaneous decisions and high passion for love, DiCaprio have been linked to numerous women from all over the globe. Natural perfectionists, Scorpios are attracted to the most beautiful things in life. He has dated international models Kristen Zan and Emma Miller, both rumoured to have been engaged to the Hollywood heartthrob. In 2001, he met famous Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen with whom he shared a four year relationship and showed the world that Scorpios will fight for their love.

Bouncing back from his failed relationship with Gisele, DiCaprio’s determination to rekindle his love life led him to Bar Refaeli, an Israeli Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl. They were introduced in a Las Vegas party in 2005 which the media reported a “love at first sight” encounter. Lasting for two years, their relationship was constantly under the spotlight which includes Dicaprio’s visit to Israel to meet President Shimon Peres and Refaeli's families in her hometown of Hod HaSharon. After breaking up with Refaeli, he was seen dating another gorgeous model named Emma Miller. They have been spotted in expensive restaurants and courtside Los Angles Laker games, which show that Scorpios will give anything when in love.

DiCaprio resides in Los Angeles mansion and owns an apartment in Lower Manhattan, New York. Known for his active role in protecting Earth, he bought a Belize island where he plans to put up an eco-friendly resort and a Riverhouse with a spectacular view of Manhattan’s Hudson River.


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