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 Mariah Carey
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Mariah Carey An American R&B/pop singer and songwriter, record producer and actress, Mariah Carey, was born in Huntington, Long Island, New York on March 27, 1970. Her name was taken from the song “They Call the Wind Mariah”. The wind character in this song is a fit to the Arian trait of Mariah. Like the wind, people born under the astrological sign Aries, are very intense and full of enthusiasm in life.

Carey had to deal with a lot of challenges in the early years of her career. However, during the making of her first self titles debut studio album she found romantic solace in Columbia’s CEO, Tommy Mottola. Their relationship blossomed and eventually turned into a marital bliss on June 1993. Arians can be too trusting and it will only take a very little time for them to consider someone a close friend, whether romantic of platonic. However, with the demands of stardom the couple hit a dead end in 1997. Carey was quoted saying that although they tried to project a happy marriage for the public to see, she always felt trapped because Mottola was a control freak. Their divorce was granted the following year.

Arians are born as a determined fighter. Like the ram, they are very hard to control. This trait is often misconceived as being hardheaded. Aries is regarded as a masculine sign because Mars is the ruling planet. It is not a wonder that women born under this sign are forceful, dynamic, aggressive, and, most of all, will not allow any man to dominate them. These strong traits are often reasons why Arian women find themselves caught in romantic dilemmas.

Shortly after the failed marriage, she was reported to be romantically involved with the New York Yankees baseball star Derek Jeter. Their supposed relationship was very short and ended in 1998. In several occasions, Carey was linked to many rappers. She collaborated with most of them in the makings of her other albums. She was also reported to have short flings with prominent showbiz personalities like Tom Brady, Matt Dillon, and Leonardo Dicaprio. But a defensive Carey came out and said that she stayed loyal and faithful to every man she is in a steady relationship with.

Carey had several ups and struggles in her career in the years after. The hits and misses even led to a widely reported physical and emotional breakdown. However, the positive Arian character of being able to bounce back from any misfortune prevailed. Soon after, she was back up in the musical charts and in films.

With her career back on tracks again, she met actor/comedian/rapper Nick Cannon while shooting a music video on a private island off the coast of Antigua. Finally, 15 years after her first marriage, she again took her chance to the sacred love boat. In April 30, 2008 the couple married at Carey’s private estate on Windermere Island, Bahamas.

The married couple wanted to keep their relationship from the spotlight and struggled to keep secret her miscarried pregnancy shortly after their wedding. In October 28, 2010, her husband finally confirmed all media speculations that her wife was indeed pregnant and is due to deliver their first born by spring of 2011. But there was even more reason to be excited because she will give birth to two bundles of joy – a girl and a boy!


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