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 Matthew Goode
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Matthew Goode England-born Matthew Goode, who starred in movies like Watchmen, Leap Year and A Single Man, is an Arian, having been born on April 3. The first sign in the zodiacal year, Arians are perceived by many as being adventurous, pioneering and courageous. They are known to be quite the leader type when it comes to projects and life goals. They are not one for quitting when it comes to difficulties and challenges.

The youngest of five siblings, Matthew Goode is the son of a geologist father and a nurse mother who also dabbled in theater directing. He studied acting in Webber’s Academy of Dramatic Arts before starting his career in acting. Like a true Arian, Matthew has a strong sense of intuition and knows his true strengths and weaknesses. They never delve into a new project without preparation and study. They are true competitors who like to succeed in all their endeavors.

Matthew is known for being Mandy Moore’s love interest in the movie Chasing Liberty, which was released back in 2004. Other notable roles included being Charles Ryder in the 2008 movie Brideshead Revisited, based upon the TV series where he reprised the role of Jeremy Irons. He also played the role of Adrian Veidt in the movie adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen in 2009. It doesn’t seem surprising that his fame is steadily rising. Arians have a great and boundless enthusiasm for life. They tend to face challenges head-on and tackle them with responsibility, which is mainly why they make excellent leaders.

Arians make great and effective leaders primarily because of their mildness. They are tough, but not domineering; assertive without being overbearing. These qualities make them quite popular with their companions and friends. They can easily survive using their instincts and intuition.

In their personal relationships, Arians are deeply intimate and faithful. They don’t express their love halfheartedly; they go all out with their feelings. As it is, they are passionate and headstrong. They never take no for an answer. One thing that Arians take seriously is trust. They are prone to acting distant and aloof if they don’t trust you. They may be impulsive but when it comes to life-changing decisions like marriage, they really take their time and weigh all the options before coming to a final choice.

In 2009, Goode was hailed as one of Britain’s Finest Rising Stars along with Eddie Redmayne, Tom Sturridge and Kaya Scodelario. He and his longtime girlfriend, Sophie Dymoke became parents in March 2009 with the birth of their daughter, Matilda Eve.


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