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 Meg Ryan
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Meg Ryan or Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra was born on November 19, 1961 under the sign Scorpio. Scorpions are known to be independent, passionate and dynamic; qualities needed to succeed and become victorious, qualities that Meg Ryan possesses. Meg has a great amount of will power and dedication that made her one of America’s successful actresses and renowned producer. Her big break was when she starred and got her first Golden Globe nomination in the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally(1989) directed by Rob Reiner. She was given the title"the current soul of romantic comedy" by Time critic Richard Corlis.

Just as scorpions are, she has a deep and strong personality; there is always a surprise about them, and for her it is her relationship. She may be at the top of her career and may be the “queen of romantic comedies” however this is not true in real life.

Her charm, wit and beauty captured the heart of Dennis Quaid her American co-actor in Innerspace. He gave up his cocaine addiction all because of love. On Valentine’s Day in 1991 they tied the knot. Their love gave them a son, Jack Henry who was born on April 24, 1992. However, scorpions value trust and respect which the couple lack. Apparently Dennis was being unfaithful to her and on July 16, 2001 their marriage ended in a divorce.

Despite her troubled relationship with Dennis she maintained her style and personality. She was romantically linked with Russell Crowe, her co-actor on Proof of Life in the year 2000. However, they ended their relationship because of their careers. She is truly a wonderful and kind-hearted woman. She adopted Daisy True from China on January 2006.

As of now, she is being linked with John Mellencamp, an American rock singer-songwriter. They have reportedly been seen happily and comfortable together at New York City spending quality time.

Scorpio women are indeed mystifying, they have outmost dedication, they demonstrate finesse at all times and they are indeed mesmerizing, just like Ryan Meg.


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