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 Mia Wasikowska
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Mia Wasikowska One of young Hollywood’s most talented up and comers is Mia Wasikowska, who turned heards when she was cast in as the title role in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland opposite Johnny Depp. This young lady, who resembles Hollywood icon Gwyneth Paltrow, is someone to watch out for in the coming years.

She was born on October 19, 1989 in Canberra, Australia where she started her career before moving to Hollywood to pursue her American Dream. The second of three siblings, both of her parents were photographers and exposed the young Wasikowska siblings to art their whole life. Mia is a Libra, who are known to be appreciative of beauty and creativity. Aside from being lovers of art, they are also quite focused on their goals and dreams- nothing will stop them from achieving their goals. Librans usually respond to conflict intuitively in a bold, decisive action. One of their most distinguishable traits is their being indecisive.

Mia started out with ballerina when she was nine years old. By the time she was thirteen she was hoping to go professional, spending up to thirty-five hours in rehearsal every week, apart from going to school full time. However, due to inevitable boredom and dissatisfaction in the industry, she quit at age fourteen. Librans are usually picky and indecisive when it comes to major life decisions. Having been inspired by movies such as The Piano and A Woman under the Influence, Mia decided to try acting. She called up Australian talent agencies that she found on Google and as most Hollywood stories go, the rest is history.

Mia made her American debut when she landed the role of a suicidal gymnast in the HBO drama In Treatment. She received critical acclaim for her role, which led her to be cast in films such as Defiance, Amelia and That Evening Sun. Her biggest film role to date was as Alice in Tim Burton’s retelling of Alice in Wonderland, where she was cast alongside such Hollywood heavyweights such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway. Librans are known to be hardworking and dedicated to their craft, and sometimes they are perfectionists. It is their desire for perfection that led them to be painstaking and patient in their undertakings.

In their personal relationships, Librans are generous and loving. They are good negotiators and are charming enough to persuade people around them. Intuition plays a strong role in every aspect of a Librans’ life. This strong sense of intuition often helps them figure out whom to trust.

Aside from acting, Mia has many other talents such as photography. In fact, one of her behind-the-scenes pictures from her movie Jane Eyre was shortlisted as a finalist in a competition hosted by Australia’s National Portrait Gallery.


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