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 Michael Chiklis
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Michael Charles Chiklis is an American actor, director, voice-over actor and television producer best known for the role of Vic Mackey on the FX police drama The Shield. Born on August 30, he is a Virgo. Virgos are represented by the virgin, and they are modest, shy yet meticulous and diligent. They are known to be the most analytical out of all the horoscopes.

Born in Lowell Massachusetts, Chiklis is the son of a salon owner and a hospital administrative aide. Later in life, Chiklis attended the Boston University College of Fine Arts, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Virgos are notorious perfectionists, putting too much emphasis on work and duty. They like organizing and keeping things in order. They may seem too critical but in fact, they are mostly hard on themselves. They tend to see too much imperfection in themselves. They are actually sensitive to others’ feelings, and can see things in a bigger picture. Their most distinguishable characteristic is their ability to have a disciplined mind that they apply to every task.

Chiklis moved to New York City with high hopes and ambitions after graduation, but it took years before he was cast in his debut role in the biopic Wired in 1989. The movie, unfortunately, flopped at the box office and was a critical failure as well. However, Chiklis got steady guest starring roles in TV shows such as Nixon, Seinfeld, Miami Vice and Murphy Brown.

After a change in his image following rigorous workout sessions, he got the role of LAPD Detective Vic Mackey in the controversial and violent drama The Shield. He was cast in the role of the antagonist, but he was highly praised for his portrayal. With the role, he got the 2002 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. That same year, he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Between the years 2004 to 2005, he was nominated again for the Golden Globe in the same category but lost. He was cast in films as well, like The Fantastic Four and its sequel, Fantastic Four and the Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Over the years, Chiklis has done various voice-over roles in TV shows such as Family Guy, The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina and the English-subbed version of the Japanese cartoon film Spirited Away.

In their personal life, Virgos are faithful friends and devoted lovers. They expect a sense of decency and privacy from their significant others. In real life, Chiklis married Michelle Epstein in 1992. Their firstborn, a daughter named Autumn, was born on 1993 and another girl named Odessa was born on 1999. Besides acting, he has been known as a poker fan and a musician as well. He plays in a band called MCB.


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