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 Michael Jordan
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Michael Jordan Like all Aquarius, Michael Jordan knew what he needed to do to be successful in his basketball career. After being cut in the high school varsity team, he became more determined to reach his potentials and honed his skills. Combining the capabilities of Aquarius to be successful and stand out among the crowd, Jordan became arguably the greatest basketball player.
Jordanís greatness on the hard court is only a small part of his overall intelligence and ability to handle personal relationships. Born fourth of five children, he maintained a very close relationship with his parents, especially with his dad, who was murdered during the peak of Michaelís career. Known to be emotional and needing for the approval of people they look up to, Jordan abruptly retired and pursued other sports. Although he said he left the game because he has already reached the top, fans believed that the real reason was his emptiness without his mentor.

After several years of being out of the basketball scene, he announced his comeback and regained the title as the best player on the planet. This showed his undying love for the game, as well as the constant struggles of Aquarius to be accepted and recognized by others.

In September 1989, Jordan married his longtime girlfriend Juanita Vanoy. After more than a decade and three children, she filed for a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Rumours circulated that Michael was dating other women because his wife became jealous of the people that surrounded him. Aquarius can become extremely rebellious especially if someone tries to control his life and restrict his freedom. After deciding to give their marriage another shot, the couple finally divorced on December 29, 2006. Reports stated that Michael gave his wife a $168 million settlement, showing the business side of Aquarius when handling responsibilities and relationships.

Aside from managing his NBA team, the Charlotte Bobcats, Michael spends most of his time with his children at his Highland Park, Illinois mansion. Constantly sharing his thirst for success and greatness, he is a regular spectator of his sonís basketball games in University of Illinois.


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