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 Michael Schumacher
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Michael Schumacher Famous Formula One (F1) racing champ, Michael Schumacher (January 3, 1969) was born under the Capricorn sign in Hurth, West Germany. At a very tender age, Schumacherís parents saw his potential to become a future racing champion. Capricorns by nature are responsible, loves to scrutinize, and investigate. His parents enrolled him at a karting club and became the youngest member. His father had to find a second job/ work while his mother worked rigorously at the canteen of the track to support his early racing years. When Michael needed a new engine worth 800 DM, his parents have no sufficient means to provide for if. Luckily, he was able to get the support of the local businessmen.

In 1983, Michael was able to obtain his license in Germany after his triumph at the Junior Kart Championship in Germany. Later on, he won several European Kart Championships including some in Germany. In 2004, he was named by Forbes Magazine as the 2nd highest earning athlete in the world. Capricorns are very successful in accumulating both power and wealth. Capricorns may be ambitious but they work hard on something very silently.

Michael Schumacher is an UNESCO Spokesperson and Ambassador for safe driving. He is also very much active in numerous humanitarian activities and even donated to charity millions of dollars.

On August 1995, he married long time girlfriend, Corinna Betsch. Capricorns are aloof and always abstain from initiating the first move not unless they are truly in love with their partner. The marriage was blessed with two wonderful children: a girl and a boy. Michael was very protective of his familyís private life. True enough, Capricorns are conservative lovers and sexual intimacy is not a prime necessity to have a successful marriage. He prefers a simple life by hating the celebrity and media spotlight kind of life. Michaelís family currently lives in Gland, Switzerland. The Schumacherís luxurious family mansion has a private beach located near Lake Geneva with an underground gas station and garage.


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