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 Miley Cyrus
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Miley Cyrus, Destiny Hope Cyrus who is more popularly known as Miley Ray Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992 under the Sagittarius sign. The Archers have a natural love for life and will always have a way to get whatever they set their sights on – whether a job or a love partner.

The Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana star first found love with Nick Jonas who is the youngest of the pop trio, The Jonas Brothers. Jonas was her touring partner for the Best of Both Worlds Tour after she catapulted to stardom with this hit Disney series. The couple’s relationship had a huge following of fans especially those who belong to the younger teenage generations. However, after two years they eventually ended up their relationship. Cyrus told People Magazine in an interview that, “We were always arguing and it wasn’t fun.” After their break up, Cyrus was noted to have a rebellious attitude and was even caught in several controversies. Many said that Cyrus was breaking away from her goody image. It resulted to criticisms and disappointments especially among parents of her young fans.

In love and romance, Sagittarius is a free–spirited sign and likes to explore different possibilities. When they feel that they are trapped in a relationship, they automatically break and cry out – don’t cage me in! They are always moving forward and struggle to preserve their own identity even in relationships.

By the last quarter of 2008, Cyrus started dating Justin Gaston but nine months after she was again in the free lane. Shortly after this break up, she dated her The Last Song Australian co-star, Liam Hemsworth. Their romance started while they were still filming the movie and later developed into a full blown love story. However, their relationship is not always perfect like Cyrus would have wanted it to be. Their affection for each other is constantly on and off. Break up reports would surface only to find them back in each other’s loving arms again.

Sagittarius always keeps a back door for them to escape in case they need it. This is always the case with them if they feel bored and trapped in something they used to enjoy. For them, love is not just about passion but also a source of excitement. They would rather pull the plug in their relationships rather than compromise or stay to work it out.


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