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 Paula Abdul
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Paula Julie Abdul American television personality and actress, was born on June 19, 1962. She was born under the sign of Gemini. She is a famous recording artist, actress, choreographer, dancer and a former American Idol Judge. Geminis usually have something to say about everything. Abdul was born in Aleppo, Syria but grew up in Brazil prior to her family’s decision to immigrate to the United States. His father and mother are both Jews in descent and she herself is a self-confessed American practicing her Judaism faith.

She rose from being a cheerleader for the NBA team LA Lakers to being a sought-after and in-demand choreographer in the 80s. Astrologers believe that typical Geminis have highly developed intellects, and they place greater importance on learning than on emotional or practical issues. However, they consider Geminis to be so clever that they can give the impression of deep emotion or of the practicality of their desires. She has 6 number 1 single albums on the Billboard 100 making her the 5th best among solo performers in the female division with singles that went number 1. She is also a Grammy and a Primetime Emmy Awardees. Geminis are so interested in everything that they easily get bored and often cannot resist moving on to the next subject, tendencies which can make them seem shallow and fickle.

Her career suffered series of downfalls and setbacks until she redeemed herself once again after being chosen as one of the judges for the hit television reality talent search, American Idol. Since then, Abdul rose back to fame with numerous opportunities opening for her, putting Abdul back to stardom status. Geminis are rapidly shifting by nature and therefore it is very impossible to hold them to any available standards but to their own.

For the years 1992 up to 1994, she was happily married to Emilio Estevez. In 1996, Abdul was romantically linked to another man named Brad Beckerman, a clothing designer. Geminis are flirtatious, they have the ability to charm and tempt the subject of their desire. Geminis need a partner with whom they can express their wild sexual fantasies and urge. Two years after in 1998, they ended their marriage in a divorce. In July 2007, J.T. Torregiani and Abdul began dating but they broke up their relationship in June 2008.


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