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 Phil Collins
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Phil Collins Born on January 30, 1951, Philip David Charles “Phil” Collins is under the zodiac sign Aquarius. He is a British drummer, pianist, singer-songwriter, and actor. He has done collaborations with Genesis, an English progressive rock group, but his most famous songs and performances were done when he became a solo artist. His being Aquarian makes him the master of independence. People under this sign do everything they can to stand out and are very confident in their abilities.

Lost love was often the central theme of his singles from “Against All Odds”, “Please Don’t Ask” and “Misunderstanding”. Although not particularly stated, these songs came together with the collapse of Phil’s marriage with Andrea Bertorelli, his first wife. Andrea reportedly had an affair with a painter and decorator. One possible factor why this had happened could be Phils’ Aquarian tendency to be emotionally detached. There are just some instances where Aquarians seem to be distant which eventually leads to difficulties especially in romantic affairs. At one occasion, they might be so dynamic and happy, and on the next day, they become utterly cold for no reason.

Contrary to an Aquarians urge to be needed, however, is their desire not to be held down or not get involved in a tight commitment. They even reach the point of becoming rebellious and tend to break the rules as what Phil has shown in his second marriage with Jill Tavelman, which lasted for twelve years. Phil publicly confessed that he was having an affair. He possibly might have felt too constricted with his marriage to Jill that he felt a need to let go.

Phil still got unlucky on his third and last marriage to Swiss- born translator, Orianne Cevey, as the couple divorced in 2008. Despite putting her and their son before his career, Orianne’s post-natal depression had caused them to drift apart.

Despite all the marital distress that Phil has undergone, he has proven that he can still make waves with his Aquarian smarts and determination just like with his Going Back album (2010) which reached No. 1 in the UK.


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