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 Ray Winstone
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Ray Winstone Pisceans are known to be the one zodiac sign most in tune with their intuitive and creative side. They are dreamers and great believers in their goals. One such actor who possesses all the best traits of a Piscean is Ray Winstone. Ray Winstone is an English actor best know for his tough guy roles in movies such as Scum, The Edge of Darkness, The Departed and Beowulf.

Born on February 19, 1957 in London, Ray is the son of a cab driver and a fruit machine assistant. Because his father would often accompany him to the movies every week, Ray grew up loving film and acting. He borrowed money from a family friend to enroll in drama school and soon thereafter, he appeared as a newspaper-seller in the stage play Emil and the Detectives.

Pisceans are sentimental, affectionate and sensitive to others’ needs and feelings. They are intensely creative and appreciate art and beauty. As friends, they are known for their easy-going company and enjoyable conversations. They are also very sympathetic towards others, making them great companions and advice-givers. Pisceans are deep thinkers who are great believers in the adage “think before you speak”. They have the sharp ability to distinguish between truths and lies. One of their most characteristic traits is that they are so connected to their imaginations. Often, when confronted with problems in their reality, they escape to their “dream worlds” where everything is possible. They may seem like they treat their reality as a lesser priority.

Ray hit it big time when he was cast in the movie Scum, playing Carlin the lead. He got the role when Scum’s creator Alan Clarke liked his aggressive walk. In his later interviews, Ray cites Clarke as one of his biggest influences throughout his career, and laments the death of the director in 1990.

When Ray was cast as Will Scarlett in the TV series Robin of Sherwood, it proved to be one of his biggest breaks. However, after its run, Ray didn’t have another project as big as Robin of Sherwood. He appeared in the movies Cold Mountain, King Arthur and The Project Roundabout as well as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He is set to play the role of Jack Regan in the remake of The Sweeney.

Pisceans have a great capacity for love and the depth with which they feel sometimes makes them extremely sensitive. Their sensitivity and insightfulness make them attractive to others. Ray met his wife Elaine while filming The Summer in 1979. Currently, they have three daughters, two of which are working as actresses. The family lives in Roydon, Essex.


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