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Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Robyn Rihanna Fenty or simply Rihanna in showbiz was born in Saint Michael, Borbados. She is born under the zodiac sign Pisces which is symbolized by the sign of two fishes. Pisceans are mysterious and alluring individuals who are extremely creative and talented.

Like many other personalities, Rihanna had her fair share of love in a romantic level. Pisceans in relationships are very idealistic and can lie all night dreaming of romantic escapades and fantasies. They usually see the world as a very beautiful place for themselves and their love. These beautifully fluid creatures see love perfectly. That is why when Pisceans are confronted with the harshness and struggles of being in a sour relationship, devastation and depression are likely to cause them havoc.

Rihanna went into an emotional turmoil following her relationship with the American R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, Chris Brown. They were rumored to be a couple by the late of 2007. They often refused to publicly talk about their brewing romance but it was already made obvious by the matching tattoos on their necks. Tagged as R&B’s hottest couple they were always seen very affectionate with each other and often spotted in holding hands and on several occasions kissing at concerts.

However, Chris and Rihanna’s fairytale romance turned grim. In March 2009, the couple fought over a text message from Brown’s ex girlfriend. Brown allegedly threw several punches at Rihanna’s face while driving his rented Lamborghini. It resulted into awful facial injuries for Rihanna. This incident turned into a courtroom battle with Brown charged of two (2) counts of assault and criminal threats. It did not only turn into a media fiasco but also a relationship dead end in the once upon a time lovey dovey couple.

Despite this stumbling block in her relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna continued to search for her knight in shining armor. In early 2010, the Piscean Rihanna gave love and commitment another chance. It was later on reported to be serious and news of wedding bells for the couple began to surface. Pisceans are easily influenced by people that they are in constant company. The usual closeness is often taken by Pisceans as the “L” thing. It was not long before 2010 could end that they threw in the towel.

Love is once again chasing Rihanna and it looks like it will be a short chase. She was reported dating Usher late April 2011. A close friend said that the two have known each other a long time and have already exchanged passionate kisses. The Piscean’s idealism about love always is a character that brings Rihanna into relationships that may someday turn into a successful search for Prince Charming.


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