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 Russell Crow
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Russell Crow, an Australian actor born on April 7, 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand. He is famous for his roles in epic films such as Gladiator, Master and Commander. He captivates his audience by his manly appeal and his “cool” way of acting.

People born under Aries lives on stimulation, a person on-the-go, vitally charged and ready to go straight into the heat of the battle. He would unwind in parties and would be the center of attention and will make the world revolve around his charisma. With these general characteristics of a person under Aries stated, we now look at Russell’s life and see if his sign influenced his relationships and love.

Russell met many people who became a part of his love life. He had relations with Jamie O’Neal, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Heather Graham, and Jennifer Connelly. These people came into Russell’s life, shared the joy and laughter, but they all left because they were unable to continue a life with him due to many reasons.

After many split-ups, the Australian actor meets Danielle Spencer, a beautiful woman born under the influence of Taurus (The bull). The two quickly saw each other’s inner beauty and immediately the both fell in love with each other. Russell’s tendency of being bored and restless in quiet solitude is quickly remedied by Danielle’s intellect and artistic aura. They got married on Russell’s birthday April 7, 2003, a great way to start a whole new life. Out of their love, came two children, Spencer Crowe and Tennyson Spencer Crowe. They’re relationship is strong, bonded more tightly by their children, we hope to see them battle against all problems that could shatter their beautiful family.

Hopefully their compatibility comes not only from the influence of stars, but more importantly by the love that comes deep within their hearts

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